Environmental metagenomics involves the genetic analysis of microorganisms in various environmental samples. These studies provide insight into the microbiological profile of water or soil samples, allow phylogenetic analysis of microbial groups, and identify individual species.

Complete (shotgun) metagenome sequencing provides information on the entire genome of all organisms without bias. In addition to information on taxonomic classification and relative abundance of organisms without isolation and culture, this technique is invaluable in studying gene prediction, functional profiling and the interaction between microbial species.

Sample Requirements

  • Recommended: genomic DNA, ≥600 ng, 20 µl, not fragmented
  • Minimum: 150 ng, 15 µl

Sequencing Strategy

  • 250-300 bp insert library
  • Paired-end 150 bp sequencing
  • ≥6 Gbp data