Environmental metagenomics involves the genetic analysis of microorganisms in various environmental samples. These studies provide insight into the microbiological profile of water or soil samples, allow phylogenetic analysis of microbial groups, and identify individual species.

16S rRNA is found in all bacteria and archaea, making it an ideal target for sequence-based identification of these organisms, especially due to the presence of conserved and variable regions in mixed samples. 16S rRNA sequencing is a cost-effective approach in environmental metagenomics.

Sample Requirements

  • Recommended: genomic DNA, ≥200 ng, 20 µl, not fragmented
  • Minimum: 100 ng, 15 µl

Sequencing Strategy

  • 350-400 bp insert library
  • Paired-end 250 bp sequencing
  • ≥50,000 sequences