Next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods can be used to determine the DNA sequence of any organism, providing valuable information to answer almost any biological question.

NGS is highly scalable and can be applied to small, targeted regions or the entire genome.

Whole exome sequencing (WES) is one of the most widely used targeted sequencing methods when examining the exome (the protein coding region in the genome). WES is a cost-effective alternative to WGS, as the exome corresponds to less than 2% of the genome, but ~85% of disease-related variants are located in the coding region.

Sample Requirements

  • Recommended: genomic DNA, ≥600 ng, 20 µl, not fragmented
  • Minimum: 150 ng, 15 µl

Sequencing Strategy

  • 200-300 bp insert library
  • Paired-end 150 bp sequencing
  • ≥50x coverage