Modern biological experiments and the availability of high-throughput tools, such as next-generation sequencing technologies, have necessitated the use of newer, faster, and more efficient data analysis methods. Therefore, bioinformatics has become an essential part of current bioscience and medical projects. It makes it possible to analyze hundreds of samples together. Our goal is to support researchers, clinicians and geneticists, to help with the biological interpretation of experimental results even by applying visualization tools.

Our portfolio includes a wide variety of standardized data analysis workflows based on international protocols. This includes analysis of whole genome (WGS), whole exome (WES) as well as gene panel data. We can of course tailor each step to the customer’s needs, e.g. by using alternative annotation databases (in a custom format if required).

Available Data Analysis Packages

  • Variant (SNP) and short insertion / deletion (INDEL) prediction from WGS, WES and gene panel data
  • Copy number variation prediction from WGS and WES data
  • Creating a gene expression profile
  • 16S / 18S and ITS taxonomic profile creation
  • Shotgun metagenomics
Key Bioinformatics Analysis Steps
  • Quality control of raw sequencing data
  • Raw sequencing data filtering
  • Mapping to the reference genome
  • Mapping quality control
  • Base quality value recalibration
  • Identification of variants
  • Screening for variants
  • Functional annotation
  • Database annotation
  • Compilation of a report


  • Data analysis of transcriptome sequencing
  • Whole genome / exome or gene panel analysis
  • De novo plasmid / genome assembly and annotation
  • Metagenome analysis